ROC 地圖 0.16a (需有北歐及東歐)

ROC 地圖 0.16a (需有北歐及東歐)
1.22 或 1.23 patch


Map link:
Please Do not re-upload this map

R.O.C (Republic Of China) Taiwan map alpha test 0.16a (patch 1.22.X or 1.23.x) add-on

This map need patch 1.22or1.23  and
DLC Going East! + DLC Scandinavia

add new route and new models.

Credit list detail in mod description.

R.O.C Map still in test, have any suggestion, you can post on my blog page.
If you don’t want to play test map, you can wait bigger R.O.C map .

Terms of Use

Currently the mod for the free use in the following conditions using models and maps.

1. Do not use in commercial, indicate the author.

2. My models and map use in other map that map must be free, recognized me as co-author of the map, I have the right of changes, mergers, issuing models and the map.

3. Use my works for the remake model, I also have the right of use and modify .


  1. i dont have the scs files when extract the file and i dont have txt instruccions please explain how to install the map in mod manager and thanks for the update i like your map because have beatifull things and please make it bigger and always as an add on because we can play whith big map (like Vanilla, Rusmap, ROC Map, Rodo Brasil El Dorado Map.
    Nelson Burotto V.
    D.B. Creation Mod DEV Team.

    1. I forgot rename files to scs files, extract zip file you will get 4 zip files ,then rename it to scs file.put 4 files to mod folder.

  2. Nice map and it works with ProMods+RusMap+PJ Indo Map but can you make it more compatybile with ProMods? Because Calais only way to China is Borring and sometimes inconvenient especialy when I'am on Iceland :) And maybe you can make a optional file to compatybility your map with PJ Indo Map because also is inconvenient go from Indonesia to Chaina because I must back to europe first and drive to Calais :)

    1. Need add ferry port to Iceland ? Next time I will check Promod map ferry setting, I don't know the ferry port in PJ map,If I have downloaded this map , I will check def sometime ,maybe next time these port will add to my map, but I am not sure when the next version release...




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