R.O.C 地圖 0.19

R.O.C 地圖 0.19 (需有北歐及東歐)

10/09 update

ROC 地圖 0.19 (需有北歐及東歐) 及 patch 1.25

贊助及訂閱地圖請洽我的email:  flyfox0107@gmail.com

R.O.C Map 0.19

PRC Map in R.O.C map group, join my Facebook R.O.C map group to get PRC map file.

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R.O.C (Republic Of China) Taiwan map & PRC map add-on

R.O.C map need
DLC Going East! + DLC Scandinavia

PRC map need R.O.C map assets to run it in Europe. 

Credit list detail in mod description. 

R.O.C Map still in test, have any suggestion, you can post on my blog page.

Terms of Use

Currently the mod for the free use in the following conditions using models and maps.

1. Do not use in commercial, indicate the author.

2. My models and map use in other map that map must be free, recognized me as co-author of the map, I have the right of changes, mergers, issuing models and the map.

3. Use my works for the remake model, I also have the right of use and modify . 


  1. Can you make this map as a standalone map??
    So we can make a new profile and just load this beauutifuul map onlY??
    It would be great!
    Thanks for your hard work

    1. Map as a part of world, so it is not to be a standalone map now,thanks comment.




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